Meeting Times :


Bible Classes for all ages 9:30 am

Worship 10:30 am

Sunday evening worship 6:30 pm (we do not meet on the first Sunday of each month)


Bible Classes for all ages at 6:30 pm





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    The way the economy is today, people are always looking for the best bargain.  We look for discounts, sales, freebees, and products at the best value.  We look for deals on clothes, groceries, furniture, and just about everything else.  It isn’t surprising then for people to look for Christianity at

  • He Isn’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

    The Story is told of two brothers around three years apart. The older one was a popular 15 year old and had an abundance of friends. His younger brother, 12 at the time was less popular and a little awkward around people. The younger of the two boys had developed